Calculation Statement
This calculator provides a quick determination of the number of lights required to achieve a selected illuminance level.
Recommended Lux Levels and Uniformity levels are provided by:
  • EN 12464-1: 2021 Lighting of Workplaces. Indoor Workplaces.
  • EN 12464-2: 2014 Lighting of Workplaces. Outdoor Workplaces.
All the results provided equal or exceed the minimum levels as recommended. Please Note: Construction sites are all different. In order to speed up and to simplify both the input and output of this calculator the following have been standardised:
Surface reflectance values:
  • Indoor – ceiling @ 10% / walls @ 10% / floor @ 10%
  • Outdoor – all surfaces @ 0%
Obstructions: it is assumed that the jobsite is clear of obstructions for this calculation. Obstructions can cause shadows. Care must be taken when placing the lights on site.
Maintenance factor: the output of all light sources will decrease over time. LEDs are no different. Light output is also dependent on conditions on site. We have taken an average MF of 0.9 to do this calculation.
Temperature: Light output depends on temperature. We have assumed an ambient site temperature of 25⁰C.
Voltage: AC or DC as indicated / selected.
For both Uniform and Peripheral calculations the Tower Light heads are aimed at specific angles. Please see the table below for details as to how these are aimed:

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Lights shown in the calculator were all tested at the LIA (Lighting Industry Association), the largest trade association in Europe dedicated to serving the UK Lighting Industry and its supply chain.
Our selected lights were tested on an LMT Type C Far Field Goniophotometer to provide measurements for luminous intensity distribution and luminous flux.